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I e-mailed my Grandma a recording of The Phoenix by Fall Out Boy because I want her to like at least one song I like. And what she messaged back was not what I was expecting.

She said, “First off I love the orchestra beginning the song!  I actually really like the hard driving beat and the words are almost poetry!  Lots of emotion you can feel in the music. About changing peoples attitude before the wars start.  But, interesting imagery about putting on war paint to fight a war about not starting a real war if that makes sense.  Actually not unlike the 70’s war protesters.  Really love the the beat.  Also, love the imagery about changing and the Phoenix rising out of the ashes.  Really Poetry.  Love the name Phoenix also.  Good song, listened twice all the way through.  SmileLike it!”

My god, Grandma! This is not what I was expecting! This review is amazing and well thought out, and it really surprised me. I thought she was gonna be like “It’s good”, “It’s bad” or “Eh”. But wow. I applaud you Grandma, you are the best. 

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